The Maple Road Collection is proudly Made in America by 600 artisans working in the Virginia mountains. All of the solid maple used to create this elegant collection comes from within a day’s drive of our factory. Every piece of Maple Road is available in four finishes—Weathered Gray, Antique Amish, Chalky White, and Maple Syrup.

2 Bed Styles

Slat Bed Image


Poster Slat


Mansion Detail Mansion Small Bed
Mansion Large Bed

Optional Extra Storage

Opt for a front two-drawer footboard unit for a little more storage space.

4 Storage Options

Tripple Dresser

Triple Dresser

Optional Landscape Mirror

62"W 19"D 38"H

Five Drawer Chest

Five Drawer Chest

42"W 19"D 47"H

Sweater Chest

Sweater Chest

50"W 19"D 58"H

Night Stand

Night Stand

27"W 16"D 27"H

Finish Choices

Weathered Gray Drawer

Weathered Gray #115

Maple Syrup Drawer

Maple Syrup #117

Antique Amish Drawer

Antique Amish #118

Chalky White Drawer

Chalky White #119